Teachers / Special Guests


Invited Guests and Teachers Include

Mestre Amen Santo - Capoeira - Confirmed

Contramestre Versatil 'Ish' Ismail - Capoeira Fighting Applications and The Warrior Class - Confirmed

Sifu Earl White - Kung Fu, West African Martial Dance 

THE FURIES - Arials, Partnering, Contortion, Fire - Confirmed

Michelle Meech Lee (Altered Carbon) - Kung Fu Straight Sword- Confirmed

Sayaka Pereira - Chain Whip / Rope Dart - Confirmed

Guru CM Xingu- Filipino Martial Arts, Capoeira-Confirmed

Pei Pei Yuan AKA BGirl Peppa- Stunt Combat -Confirmed

Josie Say - Acro Yoga - Confirmed

Jerald Galang - New Style Hustle - Confirmed

BGirl MisLee AKA Lady Deadpool - BStyle Power Acrobatics - Confirmed

Lucia Baronessa Afonso, Portugal - House, Freestyle

Umaru Jutté- Tai Chi Chuan

Nadiah Nfuzion - AfroNFuzion & Dancehall Fuzion

Eurico Senna, Marvel Universe Performance Team - Tricking and Floreios (Level over 9000) - Confirmed

Chun-Sheng Wang - confirmed

Prof. Shem Caiman Rajoon, BKLYN BEAST, IDP - Parkour

Lorenzo Flow Wright - Parkour - Confirmed

Instructor Picapau, AKA Eduardo Daniel Espinoza - Strength Project - Confirmed

Mestre Recruta - Confirmed

O Contramestre Professor Malandro - Confirmed

Contramestre Manganga - Confirmed

Contramestre Omi - Confirmed 

ContraMestre Gaivota 

Contramestre Girafa - Confirmed

Contramestre Muito Tempo - Confirmed

Professora Minha Velha - Music and Percussion - Confirmed

Professor Martell, Centro Seguro - Confirmed

More to be confirmed