Free Movement Festival

Save The Date!!!


March 28th to March 31st 2019

The Southern California and Global Movement Communities are realizing that the walls between movement styles are disappearing day by day. This is not a dilution of the roots, but an appreciation of the common ground we have. An appreciation of the things that we can teach to and learn from each other.

Capoeira Batuque Santa Ana, Loftoeira, Firestorm Free Running, Strength Project, Academy of International Dance, and our partners are taking this opportunity to bring the various movement communities together to celebrate and learn from one another.

Movement Styles and Workshops Include:


Capoeira Applications

Capoeira Music





Extreme Calisthenics

West African

Afro Brazilian




B-Style (BBoying, BGirling, Breaking)


Acro Yoga

Pilates for Movers

Tai Chi Chuan

The Warrior Class - Mindfulness and Somatics

Filipino Martial Arts

Kung fu

African Martial Arts and Dance Applications


Zouk Lambada


New Style Hustle

And More!!!! Plus: Open Sessions, Socials, Battles, Performances, DJs Culminating in the Capoeira Batuque Santa Ana & Hollywood Batizado













Code of Conduct



Permission should be sought throughout the process of all interactions.
Permission can be revoked at any time.
In martial situations, permission is given by stepping onto the training floor, mat, ring or roda.

In Martial situations, permission is revoked by leaving the above if possible, tapping out, or verbally revoking if leaving is not possible.

Asking for a Partner or a spot/physical assistance implies permission for the physical contact necessitated by the activity at hand, no more.

Asking for a Partner or spot/physical assistance does not imply permission for physical, contact, stalking or harassment after the activity at hand has ended.

No Means No. Silence Means No. Only a Yes Means Yes.


Photography and filming of Open Sessions Rodas, and Jams is permitted.

Photography and filming of Classes is left to the discretion of the teacher.

The only exception to the above will be the official photographers designated by the organizers.

Participation in the festival indicates permission to be photographed and filmed by the organizers and designated official photographers.


Physical altercations and violence are inherent aspects of the martial arts as is the Mindful, Disciplined, and Ceremonial control of violence and physical altercations.

Our main goal is to nurture the discipline, respect and physical mastery of Martial and other arts and to control/contextualize the violence in a healthy way.

All altercations must begin, end, and be resolved in the training space, ring, roda.

Any physical attacks taking place outside of the above context will be dealt with swiftly through legal apparatus.

Non Physical forms of violence: not limited to, but including verbal abuse, sexism, racism, homophobia, ageism, will not be tolerated. 

STALKING is a form of harassment and a form of violence. It will not be tolerated and will be dealt with through legal measures.

Please speak up when something occurs. Silence Is Violence and prevents the organizers from protecting our guests.